We have many volunteer opportunities available. They include:

Volunteer directly with children:
Read with a student
Read to a small group or to a class
Practice math facts, letters, and letter sounds with flash cards
Be a Homeroom Buddy have lunch with a class students love to chat with adults
Mentor a student
Man an activity on Fun Day in the spring

Volunteer for one teacher or one grade level:
Cut out items that have been laminated
Run copies
Bag items for individuals or small groups to use in lessons, i.e. coins for math
Post student work samples in hallway
Help with class projects i.e. science experiments, writing projects

Volunteer in the building outside of the classroom:
Shelve books in the media center
Label books with reading levels
Water/maintain the plants in the building
Maintain the school aquarium
Paint a bookcase
Make the computer labs attractive

Volunteer by keeping the grounds attractive for students:
If you rent a stump grinder to use at home, use it to grind one of the stumps on the campus
Pull out dead bushes

Volunteer from home to support PTA:
Join PTA
Collect BoxTops for Education
Sign up and use the  Shoparoo app
Donate to the Fall Festival silent auction

Enjoy our school community:
Participate in the Fall Camp Out on the playground
Participate in Fall Festival (The silent auction is awesome)

For more information or to volunteer, click
here to email Allison McMahon.